Dedicated to helping families that lose an infant at birth or during their first fifteen days of life.
140 Oak Street - Windber, PA 15963

Welcome To The Lucas Foundation, Inc. Johnstown, Pa.

If you are visiting our web site you may have just experienced the loss of your newborn or are a close family member. This experience is both devastating and overwhelming.  We have experienced this same loss and want to help. We hope and pray that your grief will be made easier on this site.

The Lucas Foundation helps with the costs associated with an infant death.  This financial burden can be too much for a young family. If you live in one of the counties we service, we can help

We invite you to browse our site. Please read “The Lucas Story” as anyone who has suffered the loss of a newborn can relate to this. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Financial Assistance

The Lucas Foundation will work with the funeral home of your choice for the burial arrangements. The Foundation evaluates requests for assistance based on guidelines established by its board of directors.

Funeral home directors may contact the Lucas Foundation at the contact us link or by calling
(814) 487-4295.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Lucas Foundation, Inc. is to assist families with a portion of the funeral expenses after the death of an infant. The infant must be 20 weeks and under 15 days.


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  • Dan Orris Jr.
  • Joshua David Naugle
  • Brock Charles Glover